Everyone loves sex, right? And today, in the most liberalised society we have ever known, fuelled by a daily diet of sexy imagery stimulating your senses from television to your mobile phone, billboard advertising to pop video culture… going to a sex party and ‘exploring’ seems, well, perfectly acceptable. In fact, more than acceptable, it seems like… the new normal.

From sex parties to swingers clubs, being in the ‘lifestyle’ or being a ‘libertine’ and enjoying the adult party scene has exploded in popularity in recent years. It is very much on people’s weekend plans.

And forget all the dated preconceptions of remote car parks for meetings with seedy strangers or sitting in a suburban house with keys in a bowl that TV broadcasters portray for pure click bait sensationalism. Now it seems, you can unleash all of your untapped desires within some very chic, stylish and well managed private members clubs.

For me, the seed was planted by my boyfriend. One night, amid the post-coitus glow, the conversation turned to our mutual fantasies. Slowly, I started to open up to him and once I started I could hardly stop… I gushed openly that I had many fantasies. That, although I loved him and very much enjoyed our sex life, which was adventurous and playful, that I wanted to feel the soft caresses of another woman, the warmth of her tongue across my breasts and all the way down to my clitoris. That when I closed my eyes and played with my wand, I was submitting to my most raw carnal desires… to be ‘taken’ by several males at once. I wanted to do as many things considered ‘taboo’ as possible.

After some moments, he started breathing again and a broad smile erupted across his face. He said, quite simply, WOW!

Le Boudoir Sex ClubAnd so, our plan was hatched. Reaching for the tablet, we lay wrapped together on the bed and searched Google for, ‘swingers clubs in London’.

It soon became clear that whatever your sexual appetite, there are clubs and parties that will cater for it. Fetish, ladies only, gay and bisexual, couples only, and even BBC parties (not the nations broadcaster, but Big Black Cock). There are, it seems, private events for all tastes.

We also found some websites, blogs and reviews that gave us a greater insight into the ‘scene’. There were some valuable lessons on self-preservation. Organised private parties and alleged ‘mansion’ parties were a minefield to be avoided at all costs. Reports of parties where only one couple turned up to find dozens of men, or worse, where the females felt pressured to ‘play’, were not uncommon.

Top of the search engine, though, and with some reassuringly great reviews, was a permanent and professionally operated venue in London called Le Boudoir Club, which had been open since 2015.

In fact, Le Boudoir Sex Club kept popping up with literally hundreds of amazing reviews that referenced “friendly and attractive members”, and parties with more than 200 guests every weekend.

After browsing their website and various review sites, it was clear that Le Boudoir Sex Club was a well-managed club. Comments from people who had attended told us it was ‘clean, safe and more upmarket’ than other clubs that we had stumbled across.

There was also feedback from couples with similar fantasies to our own, that were delighted to have spent a night at Le Boudoir. It seemed very much bar-and-club orientated, and there was no pressure upon first-timers. We decided that this was the place for us to start.

We found that the club was in Aldgate, but its exact address was almost London’s best kept secret! It seemed that they had just moved in to a new, £12 million venue and had an alcohol license that promised all the top shelf drinks and cocktails you could desire. Le Boudoir does not publish its address anywhere. In fact, you only get sent the real location after your registration has been reviewed. We liked this. It gave us a sense of discretion knowing that the club did not have an open-door policy. It took us three minutes to submit a registration through their website and two minutes of that was choosing which full height photograph to submit (to meet the clubs photo guidelines). You use your real name because you are required to produce photo ID on your first attendance too. We figured (agreeing with many of the reviews) that this simple vetting process ensured that the ‘standard’ of members at Le Boudoir was higher than other places, and it meant too that we felt safer, knowing that people were going to be acting more responsible.

We liked that they had a dress code that required people to be smart too. Guys especially have to wear a formal shirt with a collar. No sportswear, t-shirts or training-style shoes are allowed.

The club holds parties every Friday and Saturday. They also hold ‘greedy girl’ or ‘gangbang’ style parties every Tuesday evening (that got me hot!) and another on the first Wednesday of each month for those specifically interested in bi-sexual and kink. Friday nights, it seemed, attracted around 150 people and were open to couples, single females and only 25 single males. Saturday nights were the big night (averaging 200 people) and are strictly for couples and single ladies. We read that this was also ideal for newbies like us.


The anticipation was almost overwhelming. In preparation, we went shopping on Saturday afternoon to Simply Pleasure for a browse through the vast range of Fetish Wear and bought some Sexy Lingerie and even a Remote-Controlled Love Egg that my boyfriend wanted me to ‘wear’ that evening. I made sure that I was waxed and manicured, and my boyfriend did his ‘manscaping’ too.

Le BoudoirLe Boudoir doesn’t open its doors until 9.30 in the evening (it closes at 3am), so we booked our own variation on a pre-theatre dinner, a ‘pre-orgy’ dinner in Shoreditch. My boyfriend baulked, however, at £28.90 for two Gin and Tonics.

We booked a hotel literally walking distance from Le Boudoir, and made a pact: if we decided it wasn’t our cup of tea, we would leave straight away. As it turned out, there was no danger of that. Le Boudoir was everything we expected and more.

An incredible Victorian building on a prominent corner, we pressed a video buzzer to announce our arrival at the stroke of 10pm and waited for the door to be opened. Walking inside, we found a small queue of people in the reception area. We were not the only couple registering for their first time that night.

The staff asked us for our ID, printed a waiver to sign that set out that we would abide by the clubs rules etc, did a quick bag search (I think it was to ensure we were not smuggling in alcohol) and we were required to check in our coats and our mobile phones to their cloak room. Almost a relief, a guaranteed night detoxing from social media!

Formalities over, we enter. Immediately, it feels like a stylish nightclub. Large, chic, bar area, with a gallery overlooking. Good music, and best of all lots of good looking (and younger than I thought) people chatting and laughing. We order two G&Ts and present the bar staff with our new Le Boudoir membership card, which gets us a discount on the drinks – only £8.00 for the two. That’s more like it.

Some couples are sat huddled together on sofas, while others are eyeing each other up, and one lady is having a spin on the club’s pole. It’s clear she isn’t a professional, but she makes a good go of it and is clearly enjoying herself.


Wind the clock forward an hour and we have settled into the party. We have met some lovely people, all with nothing but amazing things to say, and we watch open eyed as people freely wander throughout the venue in lingerie.

Le Boudoir Sex ClubWe go for a little walk about to explore. Le Boudoir is huge. Downstairs we find the changing room, and I decide to lose my LBD in favour of lingerie and the love egg that we had bought earlier.

We wander on into the clubs ‘catacombs’. They are incredible. A series of barrel roofed vaults below the street level, seductively illuminated and adorned with a multitude of ‘furniture’. Sex swing, spanking bench, St. Andrews cross, glory hole etc.

A half-naked woman is bent over, being disciplined (gently) by a well-dressed man. Some small groups are playing together on the beds, built into the vaults. Two women are kissing, whilst one of them is being pleasured by a male. Maybe her partner, or maybe not.

A woman is restrained on a St Andrew’s Cross and a man is on his knees using his tongue to ‘worship’ her. The woman is mid-forties, attractive and as we watch a man introduces himself to us as her husband. So, who is the guy going down on her? Another woman, stroking this ‘husbands’ manhood explains that the man on his knees is her husband. Confused yet? It turns out the women on the cross holds a CEO position at a big brand company. Her husband explains that they value Le Boudoir because she can let go of control and feel uninhibited and safe.

We take in the sights around the dungeon. A swing is put to good use as couples entangle on the play beds. Moans and groans reverberate off the walls.

A couple close the door to the glory hole, a small room where women and men can indulge in a strange penis or two. You never know what might come through the hole… or who might be behind the wall.

The sexual tension between my partner and I is rising all the time. I feel like I am on some kind of sexual ‘high’. We walk back up the winding stone staircase, bypassing the bar, to the top floor.

There are some private playrooms here, but they are clearly occupied already with the doors closed and locked.

There is a naughty little playroom with sheer curtains giving an illusion of privacy and you have to climb in to via a little ladder, much like a kids bunk bed. It is adorned with throws and cushions and from their silhouettes, we can see even more couples are making out.

Along the hall and a door opens to one of the private rooms. Two couples exit and we take a peek. It is nice. Stylishly furnished and lit, there is a large bed on one side and a desk and chair on the right. It’s the Study, we had read about it.

Another couple wants to use the room, so we leave them to it and wander finally to the large, open plan playroom. It’s an assault on the senses. Whilst there is some seating, no one is really lounging. It’s all slightly voyeuristic.

A huge bed in the centre hosts around a dozen couples in full swing. Others are mingling around the seating area, some participating with their partners, others like us, are soaking up the incredible sexual energy in the room. Any inhibitions have long since abandoned me. This is a fully immersive experience. Couples are engaged in some seriously hot sex and it doesn’t feel at all strange to me.

At this point, I explode! I had literally forgotten about the love egg I had inserted earlier. My boyfriend, it seems, had not. I quiver and shake as an orgasm rips through me, bringing smiles from the beautiful couples, threesomes and groups all around us.

Coming back to earth, I feel my hand being taken by a gorgeous dark-skinned girl in a Basque, she leans in and kisses me full on the mouth. I glance over her shoulder at my boyfriend, his smile reassures me and we move to join the people on the big bed. We stayed and played there for about an hour. I had opened Pandora’s Box and the lid was not going to shut easily.

Feeling the need to rehydrate, we get another couple of drinks and take a short break in the smoking area, just off the main bar. We meet another couple who are from Australia. In fact, we hear lots of accents throughout the night ,and it is apparent that a lot of guests who attend Le Boudoir come from far and wide.

Around 2.30am, we find ourselves on a sofa discussing the evening’s events with the club’s manager. On the sofa next to us, two ladies have switched partners and are giving the men blowjobs. They don’t seem to mind us chatting, though.

It’s nearly closing time, and we don’t know where the time went. The security is politely asking people to “finish up”, which raises a few laughs.

For the next week, our sex life is extraordinary. We relive all the experiences we had at the club and talk, more openly than ever before, about the experiences we still want to come.

It is easy to see why this can become a part of people’s sex lives in today’s society. Park the pressure of work and family and just let loose for an evening. Le Boudoir was the perfect location for us. In fact, we now go at least once a month, and we have made new friends from across the world.