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  1. The Vagina Museum

    Vagina Museum

    How thorough were your sex-education lessons in school? The only bits I remember about mine were the tactile bits - rolling the condom down the banana and dipping the tampon in the glass of water to watch it expand. A learned more about my anatomy through self-exploration, internet research (and porn) and, later, having sex with other women.

    There happens to be a penis museum in Iceland, but what about the vagina? Well, Florence Schecter set out rectify this problem (and obvious gap

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  2. Shall we go to a Sex Club?

    Shall we go to Le Boudoir Sex Club?
    Everyone loves sex, right? And today, in the most liberalised society we have ever known, fuelled by a daily diet of sexy imagery stimulating your senses from television to your mobile phone, billboard advertising to pop video culture… going to a sex party and ‘exploring’ seems, well, perfectly acceptable. In fact, more than acceptable, it seems like the new normal.
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  3. What is New Dick Fear?

    What is New Dick Fear

    What is "New Dick Fear"?

    It's the beginning of a new year, and many of us will have made New Year Resolutions. If, like many of us, one of your resolutions is along the lines of "find the love of my life" then there is something I need to tell you!

    The phrase New Dick Fear doesn’t simply mean you have a fear of ‘new dick’ - it’s a colloquialism for the fear of intimacy which can occur with any new sexual partner. It’s one thing to be a bit nervous before sleeping

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  4. Madame Caramel - mature professional BDSM Mistress

    Madame Caramel BDSM Mistress

    Whether you’re brand new to the BDSM scene or have been an avid participant for years, there’s no-one who can’t learn a thing or two from the exquisite Madame Caramel...

    Madame Caramel is a mature, professional mistress based between London & Dubai. She lives and breathes as a Femdom and has lived the lifestyle for the last 16 years - “I’m ultra-feminine, a true lady with class and a lifetime full of rich experience. I have great knowledge of BDSM practices and I pride myself on the co

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  5. We are Hiring an Accounts Assistant

    We are hiring an Accountant

    Simply Pleasure Limited is an award-winning retailer/wholesaler in the adult toy industry with 23 retail shops and 130 staff across the UK. 

    With over 40 years in the industry, we are constantly evolving with modern technology to maintain our competitive edge into the future. 

    We are currently looking to recruit a positive and friendly Accounts Assistant to join our small Finance team located at our head office / warehouse in Ringwood reporting to the Finance manager. 

    You will have the full support of our expertise and experience including appropriate training and guidance.

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  6. And the Winner of the 2021 Customer Survey is

    £200 Voucher winner

    Simply Pleasure is always looking to improve the service we provide to you - our loyal Customers. We constantly monitor the performance of our Web Site (did we mention that our Simply Pleasure Web Site is Carbon Neutral?!) and make improvements all the time.

    We also monitor Feedback on various Reviews platforms and Social Media comments and we believe that after launching our brand new web site in April 2021 we continue to have a world class platform to serve you.

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  7. Simply Pleasure Web Store is Carbon Neutral

    Simply Pleasure Web Store is Carbon Neutral

    Simply Pleasure is very pleased to be able to say that our Web Site is Carbon Neutral. We recently switched our Web Site Host to UK Fast in Manchester - all UKFast Solutions are now officially 100% carbon neutral. In fact their entire business is a carbon neutral from data centres, offices and operations, to all hosting solutions.

    What does this mean for customer of Simply Pleasure? Its great news, it means that making a purchase through our Web Site at

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  8. What are The Different Types of Lubricants and Why Use Them?

    Couple in bed

    Silicone-based and water-based personal lubricants are not only used for medical purposes.

    In addition to women who use personal lubricants to alleviate vaginal dryness, lubricants are also used during sexual intercourse. After all, it is intended to minimise friction and thus not only helps to prevent pain during sexual intercourse, but also is of great use with all types of sex toys.

    While many individuals already use personal lubricants, there are still some who believe that personal

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  9. Fiendishly Difficult "Dog Toy or Sex Toy" Quiz

    Fiendishly Difficult "Dog Toy or Sex Toy" Quiz
    Do you prefer Dog Toys or Doggie Style? As part of our "Boredom Buster" campaign, we have created an online Quiz for you to tackle.
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