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  1. Word of the day - E is Electro-Play

    E is for Electro-Play, What is Electro-Play, Does it hurt?

    E is for Electro-Play, What is Electro-Play, Does it hurt? In this Blog we explore the sensations and advise you on how to enjoy the pleasure of Electro-Play safely

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  2. Word of The Day - D is for Domination

    Word of The Day - D is for Domination

    D is for Domination, in this blog we look at the definition of being dominant and offer some helpful tips and advice. 

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  3. Word of The Day - C is for Cunnilingus

    Word of the day - C is for Cunnilingus

    Cunnilingus- you know, eating out, going down, licking the bean, sixty-nine. It is the act of performing oral sex on the vulva and/or vagina. And it’s the type of sexual act most of us women absolutely love! This includes licking, sucking, flicking, biting and nibbling and more is all on the table. Did you know the word cunnilingus comes from the Latin words ‘cunnus’, which means ‘vulva’ and ‘lingere’, which means ‘to lick’? Fact of the day for you there! 

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  4. Word of The Day - B is for Bondage

    Word of The Day - B is for Bondage

    B is for Bondage


    Bondage is a form of play in which someone is restrained and their movement is limited. There are lots of ways which you can engage in bondage, but the most common is through the use of

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  5. Word of The Day - A is for Aftercare

    Word of the day - A is for Aftercare

    A is for Aftercare


    For a lot of people, aftercare is one of their favourite parts of a BDSM scene, or even sex in general. Aftercare is the process of attending to one another after

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  6. Frankinsella Erotic Photographer Interview and Showcase

    Erotic Photography

    Frankinsella Erotic Photography

    Fetish photographer Francis Kinsella chats to us about the intricacies of their craft…


    What made you want to work in the world of fetish?

    My journey into photography came via my involvement in the Goth scene, in two parts. I always used to be the person in my social group who had a compact camera with them all the time and took photos of our social circle at gigs and festivals. Once at Whitby Goth Weekend I put my camera down on a table and someone s

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  7. 10 Reasons Why Women should Feel Comfortable Using Personal Lubricant

    10 Reasons Why Women should Feel Comfortable Using Personal Lubricant

    Do you find that things start to heat up, but your body doesn’t quite keep up? Whether it happens when you’re having sex with your partner or when you’re playing by yourself with your favourite toy, vaginal dryness simply isn’t fun. When you are having sex or masturbating, it can make things start to feel uncomfortable and even painful. In fact, there are plenty of women who are familiar with those feelings of frustration and disappointment if this dryness is something they experience frequently.

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  8. Pondering Prostate Toys

    Pondering Prostate Toys

    A few months after I’d started working at Simply Pleasure, a customer came in to ask for advice on what toy to buy. He was a tall, burly gay man, looking for a Prostate Toy. On the surface, that sounds like a standard query for me to get, but this situation was special. He divulged to me that he’d struggled a lot in the gay community, being suc

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  9. Sexy Role Play Scenarios to try at Home

    Sexy Schoolgirl Doctor Role Play Outfit

    Whether you’re as regular as clockwork, or sex is a once-in-a-blue-moon affair for you and your partner, sometimes it can feel like you’ve lost a little bit of the spark that brought you together in the first place. Maybe you’re juggling a demanding job and kids and bills You still love each other, but your sex life is beginning to feel a little bit monotonous, like going through the motions. Never fear, help is here! Taking a step back from yourselves and introducing roleplay into the b

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