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Choosing Pleasure:  Me You Us Sex Toy Reviews

Choosing Pleasure: Me You Us Sex Toy Reviews

Posted By Dale Sweatland on
Introducing the Pleasure of Me You Us Toys

Are you ready to explore the world of pleasure with Me You Us toys?

In this blog, we delve into a selection of their enticing products that are making waves in the world of intimate pleasure. From the trending 'Rose Toy' to the versatile and silky-touch bullet, there's something for every desire. We'll also take a look at the G Vibe, designed for both internal and G-spot stimulation, and the exciting Shimmer Dongs that promise to add a little sparkle to your intimate moments. So, whether you're experienced with an understanding of what you like and dislike or just getting started and need to find the perfect toy, these Me You Us toys are here to elevate your experiences.

Join us as we unveil the delights of Me You Us!

Me You Us Rosebud
If you have not seen ‘The Rose Toy’ that has been trending on TikTok for a while now, let me tell you what everyone is raving about. Now, I am sure many of you readers are aware of how popular the clitoral suction toys are, many of our staff love these toys and they are hugely popular, and for good reason! These types of toys have brought hundreds of thousands of women orgasms over the years, and this little rose beauty has added to that list! I personally love clitoral suction toys; and this toy has now made permanent residence in my nightstand. The Rosebud is a gorgeous rose shaped soft to touch, silicone toy with ten modes as well as being rechargeable.
Rosebud Vibrator Product Image Front View - With Rose Petals
It is the perfect travel sized toy for taking away for naughty weekends. This toy is also splashproof so if you fancy taking it in the shower with you, you can! The shape of the toy is a nice palm shape so it’s not bulky. The air pulse is visible on the inside of the hole when turned on, so you can see how powerful it is. I have found the first setting amazingly powerful as well as the pulse and wave settings are playful fun. There are three main intensity settings, with seven pulse and wave settings. So, there is a nice variety to choose from. So go on ladies… give it a go! If you haven’t tried an air pulse suction toy, then try this beauty, great price, the toy feels more intense than a normal vibrating toy as this feels more like oral and who doesn’t love a bit of oral sensation! And it’s so pretty, why wouldn’t you want to try it!
Me You Us Bloom Rechargeable Bullet
Now this small but mighty silky touch bullet is not just rechargeable, but it is also remote controlled! It is perfect for when you are outdoors or even when you're tied up, remote control toys are great to mix with bondage! It means your partner can control the vibrations of the bullet while your tied up or during sex. The bullet has ten modes, there are three main intensity levels, with seven pulse and wave settings. I have tried many rechargeable bullets before from different brands, and the power and quality from this bullet, at this price, is truly a bargain! The remote control itself is battery powered but the battery comes included.
Bloom Bullet Vibrator And Remote Control Product Image Top View - Pictured On Red Panties
To charge up the bullet, it comes with the magnetic charger. I like the size of this bullet, it’s not too small but not too long. It can fit in a pocket of a pair of women’s underwear quite easily so that could be fun to try! Bullets are so versatile, it can be a female’s toy, a couple’s toy where you can use it together, use the bullet to stimulate each other during foreplay and sex. And can then also be pleasurable for men as you can use it to stimulate a man’s penis or balls during a blowjob! So, I love how many ways you can use this great quality bullet.
Me You Us The G Vibe
Time for great internal and g-spot pleasure! The G Vibe is a firm feeling vibe with a curved tip for easier access to your g-spot. This toy is rechargeable, has seven modes so you can explore different vibration intensities. I like that this toy is a firmer design, some women find the firmer the toy, the better it is for targeted and pressure stimulation. This toy would also make a good intro into using glass or metal toys.
G-Vibe Product Top View - Blue Background
This toy can also be used for clitoral stimulation so it is a toy that can be used in two ways, so whatever mood you're in whether clitoral or internal - this toy has got you covered! It comes in two colours, pink and purple! And thanks to the design of the toy, it’s not heavy so no tired arms here during use!
Me You Us Shimmer Dongs
Our Me You Us family of toys now includes Shimmer Dongs. These dongs are six inches in length and have a penis style shape to them. Tapered tip for easy insertion. These gorgeous dongs are made from phthalate-free material so it’s a flexible feeling dong that can be used in many ways.
Can be used vaginally, just add some water-based lubricant for extra sensation. This toy can be used for anal pleasure too, add some water-based lube or even cooling lube if you fancy that extra tingle sensation!
As it has a suction cup base which can also be used for hands-free pleasure. This dong is also strap-on harness compatible so you can use this dong for many sexual activities! Now let us talk about colours.
Okay so do not judge me, I purchased all three colours! But they all shimmer and glisten in the light and they look so good as a set! You have pink, purple and black to choose from. I love the material and how soft and flexible they are. And they are very fun in the bath, so being waterproof and with a suction cup, they stick nicely to the side of the bathtub as well!
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