mystim_banner201410_SP_1003_x_416_eVibe When it comes to incredible sex, e-stim is really gaining ground. Using electrical currents to tease, please and stimulate, we think everyone should try it at least once. If you're a little intimated by electrosex, (what with all those electrodes, gadgets &goodies!) you might want to read our e-stim Q & A. We chatted to Mystim to find out about sex, safety and how to get started if you're a newbie. Everyone seems to be talking about e-stim – what exactly is it? E-stim stands for electro-stimulation, in this case erotic electro-stimulation. With an e-stim toy you stimulate your nerves at your erogenous zones. And there are quite a lot of those nerves in those areas. That is why everybody is so sensitive down there. With an e-stim toy, you can stimulate each of those nerves with a sexy little tingle or an arousing pulsating – however you like it! I’m a complete beginner - what do I need to get started? You either need an e-stim device like the Tension Lover, or a toy with a build in e-stim device like one of the e-stim vibes. With a Tension Lover you can connect all e-stim toys or use it just the way it is with its electrodes. Mystim offers all kind of products to use with a Tension Lover – dildos, penis straps, prostate stimulators…the list goes on and on. [caption id="attachment_1233" align="alignnone" width="400"]The Mystim Tension Lover The Mystim Tension Lover[/caption] E-stim involves electrical currents – is it safe? E-stim is perfectly safe! You just have to get to know your toy first. But if you have electronic or metal implants, you should talk to your doctor before using e-stim. Furthermore do not stimulate in a way in which current is conducted through the brain or the heart.  Which toys would you recommend for beginners? The Tension Lover is a must have for every e-stim beginner. You can regulate the tension exactly how you want it to be. It comes with electrodes which you can put anywhere you want to at your body. They are very flexible usable. Beginners should also try out our Magic Gloves. Those Gloves show a soft and enjoyable tension. Beginners may also start with toys, with which they might already be familiar with, like a vibrator or a prostate stimulator. Don’t take it too wild by using e-stim urethral sound before having any e-stim experience. Take it slow and this way, enjoy it much longer to explore the stimulating world of e-stim. [caption id="attachment_1234" align="alignnone" width="600"]Mystim Magic Gloves Mystim Magic Gloves[/caption] What exactly is an e-stim urethral sound and how does it work? Urethral sounds are rigid objects that are inserted into the urethra for stimulation. For example our Thin Finn, which is quite long, sometimes is used to stimulate the prostate through the penis. But urethral sounds are also used to increase the size of the urethra. After being inserted, the electro-stimulation will seal the deal for a never before had stimulation. [caption id="attachment_1235" align="alignnone" width="364"]Mystim Thin Finn Mystim Thin Finn[/caption] I’d like to involve my partner – are there any toys you would recommend for couple’s play? Most toys can be used as couple’s toys. The Tension Lover has two separate channels where you can plug in different toys and regulate them individually. That way each partner can chose his own favorite toy and both can be used at the same time. You might as well take our Sizzling Simon to heat up your foreplay, or use him as an extra stimulation while having sex. But there is more of course! If you like to be the master or mistress of your partner’s boisterous willy, you could use the Pubic Enemy, a cock cage, to control your partner’s erection. Ideas are endless! mystim-pubic-enemy-no-2-e-stim-chastity-cock-cage-with-sound-side mystim_sizzling_simon_textured_g-spot_rechargeable_e-stim_vibrator_black_main3 What are some of your e-stim bestsellers? Next to our e-stim vibes and pubic enemies penis straps are very popular. Everything that makes a man go wild. Just like urethral sounds that already had been mentioned. The one of a kind stimulation is favored by many. Which toys would you recommend for women? With one of the e-stim vibes you have the total package - a vibrator with a tempting design and the exciting e-stim system. You can decide from day to day if you want to use just the vibration or just the electro-stimulation. But if you want to have the kick of your lifetime, use it both! On top they have a training program for the pelvic floor. By practicing those muscles the orgasm ability increases. But once again the Tension Lover must be named. The electrodes of this e-stim device are especially great for women. They can cut them just the way they need and use them at the clit as a sensational stimulation which flows right through their body. Some of our customers are e-stim pros! Do you have any toys for expert e-stim players? Every expert should have his own personal Tension Lover! The fact that you can use two toys simultaneously, but regulate them individually is a great way to maximize the stimulation. While a beginner might be overwhelmed with two toys at the same time, experts know exactly what they like and know how to get it.  I’m not really into BDSM – is e-stim for me? All you have to be into is having fun! E-stim can be used to be sexually stimulated by being in pain or triggering pain. But e-stim also stimulates without any pain at all. You can feel pleasant tingling or a sensuous pulsing, without being hurt.