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  • The Male Sex Toy Revolution: Simply Pleasure Leads The Way

    Gone are the days of sex toy shame and taboo. Nowadays, everyone is embracing the spark that male sex toys can add to your life. With the standard and variety of male sex toys available expanding, it’s no wonder that more men are finding themselves open to exploring their sexual fantasies!
  • Simply Pleasure’s Best Male Sex Toys: Why there’s more options than just a Fleshlight!

    With so many choices out there when it comes to male pleasure, it got us thinking. Why do we only see Fleshlights used in male masturbation? At Simply Pleasure, we know only too well the many options out there – both for solo use or with a partner/partners. As the new year is the perfect opportunity to try something new, we’ve compiled a list of the best male sex toys out there to try and give you a little bit of inspiration
  • 'I test sex toys for a living' - Violet Fenn on rabbits, alien eggs and the beast that lives under her bed

    The most common response when I tell people what I do for a living generally involves excited squeaking and expressions of jealousy. Which is fairly unsurprising, because I write about sex and sex toys - and I get paid for it. Mine is not a normal existence, by most people’s standards - and I got into it almost entirely by accident.
  • How to introduce sex toys to your relationship by Violet Fenn

    Many people still see using sex toys as a private, individual activity. But toys can also be a great addition to an intimate relationship. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship you’re in (or even how many people you’re in it with) – when it comes to sexy fun times there’s always something available to add some spice to your sauce.
  • Violet Fenn Explores the Prostate

    With the seemingly never ending flow of new sex toys designs, retailers are bringing out products that may seem unusual to many but which are absolutely brilliant once you’ve got your head around them. Prostate massagers are big business these days, with more and more people willing to give them a try. But before we get onto the shopping side of things, what do prostate massagers actually do?
  • Violet Fenn asks: Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Dating Apps?

    The internet has been part of all of our lives for so long now that it’s hard to think of a time when it wasn’t at the heart of pretty much everything in our daily lives. It makes everything easier – shopping, chatting to friends, reading the news (so long as you take it all with a pinch of salt) and, of course, dating. Or does it? Can internet dating ever be the same as meeting someone in ‘meat space’ (my favourite term for the outside, ‘real’ world)?

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