Metal Vibrators

When it comes to high quality toys that are ultra sleek and oh-so contemporary, metal vibrators always make it to the top of our list. While we love silicone, there’s something magical about the feel of a metal vibrator on your skin, and they’re ultra hygienic for a playful toy that’s perfectly practical, too.


We love metal vibrators for their long lasting quality – they’re ideal for regular use and are great for partner play as well as a steamy solo session. A metal vibrator always looks just as good as it feels, and its clean lines and glossy finish make it a modern favourite that’s worth showing off.


Metal vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, but we must admit that we favour the bullet. A vibrating metal bullet is super slim, sleek and smooth – the perfect no-nonsense toy for intense pleasure. Some metal vibrators have been designed for waterproof play – so you can heat them up or cool them down for a temperature switch. A metal vibrator is non-porous, which makes it a hygienic pick that is easily cleaned for post-play maintenance. F


rom metal ben wa balls to metal vibrators that are petite but powerful, our range is designed to deliver the ultimate in contemporary fun. The JimmyJane Little Chroma metal bullet vibrator is a pleasure powerhouse that really packs a punch while the Aneros Muze metal vibrator is super slim and sexy. Whether you’re indulging in masturbation with a cool metallic edge or powering up for partner play, a metal vibrator is a top pick that always delivers.

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