Double Ended Dildos

If you’re looking for double the delight, double-ended dildos are the perfect pleasure product for partner play. These toys really top up your pleasure points, giving you instant access to a world of possibility! They’re ideal for couple’s fun, and our range includes double mini dildos for petite pleasure as well as vibrating versions for a bold and blissful buzz!


We’ve stocked up on a wide range to give you plenty of choice – ensuring pure partner perfection. Double-ended dildos can be used by men and women alike – and you can really play around for varied fun. When it comes to toys, we love adding a splash of colour to our collection. We’ve got flirty pink double-ended dildos as well as black double-ended dildos for a more realistic look and feel.


Whether you’re in the mood for kinky partner fun or just want to spice up your couples play with a toy that really tops up the phallic fun, these amazing toys are twice the trouble when it comes to delivering the perfect tantric treat! Our selection is packed with realistic detail, fantasy colour and every size and shape you can think of for the ultimate encounter that really delivers, every time!

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