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  • Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand Grey Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand Grey

PalmPower Mains Powered Massager Wand

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The Palm Power Massager Wand is the versatile personal massager that will act as your portable, any time masseur. Giving you ultimate relaxation power in the palm of your hand, the Palm Power is a wand massager which soothes you wherever you wish. It is mains powered, so just plug it in, press the button and soothe yourself away to perfect bliss. The power bullet located within gives the strongest vibrations you will have experienced from a wand massager. We're not joking, the vibrations from this device are for serious power Queens only! The Palm Power Massager Wand is made from ABS plastic with silicone and is completely phthalates and latex free. The head is flexible to ensure maximum contact with your body. Different attachments are available separately which can be attached to the head to provide more specific forms of intense pleasure and thoroughly relaxing massages. Length 7.6 inches, diameter 1.6 inches, circumference 5 inches


  1. Review review by SDSWA on 9/14/2013

    Can't believe the power behind this massager love the fact you can get differant heads for it for extra stimulation, really long lead so no problems with plugging the plug out half way through.

  2. Review review by TTKID on 9/13/2013

    Such power from such a small hand held power wand, the intensity was mind blowing, loved the 4 different attachments that are also avalible with this toy. the extra long power cable made it so easy to manoover arount the bed, had so much fun, highly reccomment to anyone, best money i've spent for a long time...

  3. Review review by ECDAR on 9/10/2013

    This is one super powerful massager! It isn't too big like some of the other ones I have seen, and because its mains powered there's no worrying about it running out of steam mid session! I would advise getting the attachments as it turns into several different vibrators in one. Definitely one for the bedside drawers!

  4. Review review by IBMLIN on 9/9/2013

    wow, have never come across anything so powerful! and the size is brilliant. great controll over the power can start nice and gently but whack it right up!- really cannot get over how strong this is! the cabel that plugs into the mains is a really good length- far more generous then a lot of other wands. if you want power, you need this!

  5. Review review by LLMAN on 9/7/2013

    Every womans dream and every women needs one !!,its so versatile with all the different attachments , the power is amazing its the best toy i have ever owned.

  6. Review review by DMHAM on 9/6/2013

    Palm power, WOW!!! This is a fantastic massager, its very very powerful with gradual intensity and its very easy to clean witha removable cap. The best bit is that it has interchangeable heads that you can also purchase giving a whole new life to this toy. It has a good long lead which means no limitations. A great buy.

  7. Review review by daniel brewin DBLEIC on 9/6/2013

    well what can i say i got one of these for my wife as we have a wanachi wand and we find its too big and gets the way when you want to be intermate
    the power on this wand is stupidly powerfull and more intense than the wanachi and you can use it as a great back massager, i also go the two sets of interchangable heads which are brilliant, it also allows you to clean them easily



  8. Review review by CJDLEI on 9/6/2013

    This is a small but intense mains powered wand its cable reaches to around 2 meters giving plenty of maneuverability. It has very simple 1 button controls simply press to turn on and off or hold down to increase the power from gentle quiver to intense tremor, brilliant for all over body massage and intense clitoral stimulation. Can be used alone or add sensual or palm body wand heads to add to its versatility.

  9. Review review by ASTAU on 9/5/2013

    For a small toy this has a lot of power, great for more than just a sex toy, as it has a small head it gets into the muscles and relaxes them rather nicely

  10. Review review by MLDER on 9/3/2013

    If you want serious power then palm power is the toy for you. I've never seen or felt anything like it...Wow.

  11. Review review by GDAROC on 9/3/2013

    This is brilliant! Its so powerfull! It has a range of speeds do it doesnt have to all be over in seconds. I got the 2 sets of attachments with mine and both sets are an added bonus!

  12. Review review by lautahtor on 8/31/2013

    Do not for one minute be fooled by its size. Palm power does exactly what the name states, mind blowing powerful vibrations are not to be underestimated. Its long power lead means you are far from restricted in any way. The unique shaped range of attachments available bring a whole new element to this dynamic sex tool so with a little imagination this could be possibly become your best friend in the bedroom for sure. Slim, sexy and easy to store away but I am sure this will not be in the drawer for long once you have held it in your palm .

  13. Review review by Lisa Frost on 8/31/2013

    AMAZZZE BALLS!!! Shocked at the power this little monster had!!! OMG OMG can toys get any better? :-O

  14. Review review by CJLOLH on 8/31/2013

    Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is a lovely petite massager but so so so powerful you won't even believe it till you feel it for yourself! The head is really flexible, and I love the attachments you can get to swap the standard topper for. It's amazing as a sex toy but also brilliant as a more "innocent" massager. You get so many uses out of the thing! Plus you never have to buy batteries or even bother charging it up - just plug it in. Awesome stuff. :D

  15. Review review by VCTAU on 8/28/2013

    Out of all my Simply Pleasure toys, this is my favourite! It is by far the most powerful thing I've ever owned and allows me to explore my body more and more with every use. I strongly recommend this product if you love power!

  16. Review review by PMSHO on 8/28/2013

    OMG. Powerful doesn't come close. Nice long lead so not too restrictive. Easy to clean with the removable head.

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