Our Mr. Cock range is big and bold, and is specially designed for those of you who love supersized dildos with a lifelike design, We're excited to introduce the Black Mamba, the Double Cock, The Hammer and The Giant - our larger than life dildo range that impresses with it's perfect size. These dildos are designed to look like the real thing, with a few size tweaks for extra stimulation. Our Mr.Cock dildos range from 23cm to 39cm - and each one has a perfect curve that ensures your sweet spots are treated to precise stimulation just where you need it. We'll take a look at the 4 freshly unpacked dildos that have just arrived at Simply Pleasure - we'll sure you'll find a firm favourite.**The leaning tower of pleasure** When it comes to supersized pleasure, the extra inches count, and every one nudges you further into ecstasy. We feel completely in love with the Mr.Cock Hammer dildo the moment we met him, and his bigger size makes him a contender for all-time favourite large dildo. This big dildo measures 30cm in length and has a suction cup that attaches to smooth surfaces. We'll let your imagination run wild, but we like to take The Hammer into the shower for a sweet solo session, but the options are endless. Our Mr. Cock Hammer has a width of 6cm and the realistic design mimics the real thing with precision. The phthalate free PVC material is compatible with a water based lubricant, and is easily cleaned so that The Hammer is ready for Round 2. Our Mr. Cock Black Mamba is 36 cms of raw reptilian pleasure - and if you're looking for a dildo with a potent size, this bad boy is all the length, girth and realistic texture you need for big pleasure. The Black Mamba is flexible for creative and comfortable play, and the suction base can be attached to a smooth surface, leaving your hands free. It has a smooth tip and lifelike balls and the curve hits your hot spots perfectly. The Mr. Cock range is realistic, and the Black Mambo delivers impressive detail. It is easy to clean, and can  be used with a water based lubricant for extra sensation and comfort. (The extra inches make a little extra hydration all the more welcome!) Play alone or with a partner as you indulge in supersized fantasy fun. Use this toy in the bath or the shower for wet and wild play. Why settle for anything less when you can have a double dose of big, bold pleasure? The Mr. Cock Double Dildo is twice the fun - and invites you to play out your fantasies of double-penetration, even during solo play. This double dildo features two shafts of differing lengths - one measures 21cm while the other measures 23cm. They have girths of 4cm and 5cm respectively. This duo is designed to please and is perfect for nights when you need more action and more intensity. The suction cup adds versatility, and you can place this toy on any smooth surface for hands free fun. Play in the shower or beyond for creative, kinky pleasure that indulges your deepest double dildo desires. Use as much lubricant as you need for comfort and stimulation, and take all the time you need to make your fantasies a reality. The Giant dildo by Mr.Cock is true to his name, and offers 39cm of beefy bliss that's packed with texture and sensation. This toy has a smooth tip for easier insertion, and the suction cup promises hands-free play in the shower or on any smooth surface for fantasy fun. This toy weighs 2kg, and has a weighty feel that makes it even more pleasurable. This toy is perfect for deep penetration and while it looks like a real penis, the added inches give it a fantasy edge. Like all of the incredible dildos in the range, The Giant is easily cleaned for low maintenance play. It's made from phthalate free PVC and a few drops of lubricant will enhance your experience even more. This XXL dildo has a width of 8cm and is the perfect addition to your collection of kinky statement toys. Use it alone or dare to share for double the fun. Our Mr. Cock XXL dildo range has a toy for every taste. Whether you have fantasies of double penetration, or love a dildo that supersized for deep, decadent pleasure, the Mr. Cock range delivers. These dildos have a realistic look and feel, and are flexible enough for creative play and comfort. They're easily cleaned and can be used with a high quality lubricant - simply add imagination and let the larger than life pleasure begin.