With the release of her new book, Grey, E.L James has also been teasing fans with the promise of a naughty new Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy collection. It’s finally landed at Simplypleasure.com and we’ve put together a quick go-to guide at a glance. The new range feature 6 sensational new restraint style toys and is called The Playroom Collection. It’s perfect for fans of the Fifty Shades trilogy as well as budding BDSM baddies and bondage pros who love to push boundaries in the bedroom. The Completely His Bed Spreader with elastic straps is just the ticket to a night of blissful bondage. We love this bed spread for its strong bungee straps that give you perfect restraint plus a little room for movement, too. [caption id="attachment_1102" align="alignnone" width="390"]Completely His Bed Spreader Completely His Bed Spreader[/caption]   CompletelyHis2 Why we love it: This restraint set allows for spread-eagled intensity. It leaves you exposed to your partner, giving them control over your pleasure, and theirs. The Control Freak under the bed stretcher puts your hands above your head in a straight, vulnerable position. It delivers total exposure and you can explore themes of control, trust and domination. [caption id="attachment_1104" align="alignnone" width="390"]Control Freak under the bed stretcher Control Freak under the bed stretcher[/caption]   ControlFreak1 Why we love it: The new Fifty Shades of Grey Playroom Collection is designed for comfort as well as kink. This restraint set features soft handcuffs with a faux fur lining to the inside. This adds extra padding for prolonged play. All cuffs in the collection have this added bondage benefit – perfect for beginners or those of you who love to extend the pleasure for as long as possible! The Stand to Attention over the door restraint gives you easy access to a sensual new position. This restraint set is easily hooked over and under any door, giving your partner the opportunity to explore your body, while you enjoy vulnerability with a difference. [caption id="attachment_1106" align="alignnone" width="390"]Stand to Attention over the door restraint Stand to Attention over the door restraint[/caption]   Standtoattention1 Why we love it: This bondage door restraint set can be used it two ways. You can expose your front – giving you face to face interaction – or you can expose your back – giving your partner easy access to your back and bottom. The Keep Still over the bed restraint is a bondage accessory with a difference. It allows you to position your ankle and wrist cuffs vertically or horizontally, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to restraint play. [caption id="attachment_1108" align="alignnone" width="390"]Keep Still over the bed restraint Keep Still over the bed restraint[/caption]   Keepstill1 Why we love it: The dominant can choose which position he wants his Sub to assume, giving even more control to one partner. We also love the versatility of this set, allowing you to switch up your play with a single accessory. The Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuffs allows the dominant partner to spread the other’s legs as far as they like. This gives them easy access to your most intimate areas. This accessory comes with a blindfold for sensory deprivation that heightens the excitement. [caption id="attachment_1110" align="alignnone" width="390"]Trust Me Spreader Bar and Cuffs Trust Me Spreader Bar and Cuffs[/caption]   Spreaderbar1 Why we love it: This Spreader Bar and Cuffs set is perfect for beginners, intermediate players and pros. It has pleasure potential for every experience level and you can really pace your pleasure together with your partner. Promise to Obey Arm Restraints are the ideal bondage accessory for beginners, pleaure pros and every level in-between. These restraints are fastened with Velcro and promise quick and easy removal as well as comfort. [caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignnone" width="390"]Promise to Obey Arm Restraints Promise to Obey Arm Restraints[/caption]   Promisetoobey1 Why we love them: These bondage arm restraints aren’t just designed for use on the arms. They can also be used on the wrists and ankles for versatile play!