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The Male Sex Toy Revolution: Simply Pleasure Leads The Way

Gone are the days of sex toy shame and taboo. Nowadays, everyone is embracing the spark that male sex toys can add to your life. With the standard and variety of male sex toys available expanding, it’s no wonder that more men are finding themselves open to exploring their sexual fantasies! From male masturbation toys and cock rings, to anal vibrators and prostate massagers, there’s something out there for everyone. But the real question on our minds is why are these attitudes changing, and what can we do to encourage the men in our lives to open up and live a little?

The Standard of Toys

Male sex toys have come incredibly far since the days of dodgy rubber poorly made and unsafe rubber fake vaginas and blow up dolls. Nowadays, these toys come in a range of styles, sizes, colours and preferences -meaning the options are pretty much endless. With masturbatory sleeves becoming more high-tech, sexier and sleeker, it’s no wonder that the attitudes toward them are changing. The same can be seen with sex dolls, which are now more diverse than ever. You can decide the appearance, ethnicity and gender to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.
For example, the Doc Johnson Main Squeeze range of toys for the boys now allow you to choose your desired flesh type sleeve so just close your eyes and let your fantasies take over.

Less Taboo

The attitude surrounding not just male sex toys, but sex in general is changing rapidly. Gone are the taboos surrounding sexual pleasure and masturbation – and it’s all for the better! People are beginning to realise how natural it is to want to pleasure yourself or others, and as a result are looking at new and exciting ways to get off. With more interest in sexual pleasure and toys, comes more innovation in the industry, which in turn leads to new and exciting developments in the range of sex toys available. The latest innovation is vibrating or automatic male masturbation toys.
Pipedreams PDX Elite Vibrating Mega Milker Realistic Pussy Male Masturbator

Mutual Benefit

Many men are now realising there is a lot to be said for using sex toys – and not just on yourself. Watching your partner pleasure themselves or vice versa can be a new and exciting way to add variety to your sex life. With toys available for mutual pleasure, the fun never has to stop! There are many vibrators, plugs and bondage materials available that can be used on both partners in a relationship, adding a new level to your sex life. We also stock a great selection of couples sex toys kits.

Though in the past progress has been slow, now minds are opening, and stigma is ending around the idea of male sex toys and self-pleasure. At Simply Pleasure, we’re proud to stock a full range of sex toys both for her and for him. There are many options available to men, no matter what your preferences are! Why not try something new?

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