The History of Sex Toys
Sex toys are present in our history as far back as 50,000 years ago, when items previously thought to be batons were most likely to have been the very first dildos. The world's oldest known dildo is a 20cm siltstone penis shaped device, dated at 30,000 years old and was found in Germany. References to sex toys and dildos in particular are seen in ancient Greek culture, with plays such as Lysistrata and Metro containing mentions of, "eight-fingered leather dildos" and a "bright red dildo". In the 15th century, Chinese women used lacquered wood dildos with textured surfaces for personal pleasure. Wooden dildos were light, easily sculptured and obtainable, making them incredibly popular. The very first vibrator is thought to have been created in 1734 called the 'Tremoussoir', which was invented in France. 1869 gave way to the first steam powered vibrator which gave women motion as well as a phallus for penetrative pleasure. This was called the 'Manipulator' and was invented by the American doctor, George Taylor. The Victorian era saw a new wave of sex toys designed for women. If you have seen the recent Hollywood film Hysteria, you will know that around 1880 Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville invented and patented an electromechanical vibrator. These apparatus were originally designed for the perceived medical needs of women, with vibrators as well as dildos prescribed for illnesses such as hysteria, vaginal anxiety and pelvic heaviness. As the common thought was that 'female hysterics' were caused by the womb wandering around the body, it seemed the logical course of action to treat this by way of vibrators. In fact the Greek term hystera means uterus or womb, which is where the term 'hysteria' originates. In 1902, the very first electric vibrator was created. In fact, the vibrator was the 5th domestic appliance to be electrified. It wasn't until 1968 that a cordless version of the electric vibrator was patented, giving women the freedom to enjoy their sex toys without the restriction of wires. Vibrators, dildos and sex toys in general became more and more mainstream and popular from the 1980s up to the present day. The now famous episode of Sex and the City in 1998 saw the central character Charlotte getting rampant and becoming addicted to her Rabbit Vibrator. Ever since, women around the world have been queuing up to purchase rabbit vibrators of their own, making them one of the best selling sex toys of all time. The 1990s also began the sex toys industry's love affair with silicone sex toys. Silicone material is easy to keep hygienically clean, phthalates free, has no scent and holds body heat well. It is also highly durable and lasts for years. Compatible with water based lubricant, silicone vibrators and dildos outsell their jelly and PVC counterparts, although the latter remain popular too. From the 1990s through to 2013, the sex toys market has seen sex toys become ever popular with demands for more luxury, versatile and creative vibrators and dildos than ever before. Now you can choose not only from jelly and silicone sex toys but also materials such as glass dildos, chrome and metal sex toys, stone dildos, ceramic dildos, real feel Cyber Skin vibrators and double ended dildos too. Rechargeable, wireless and remote control vibrators are also the best selling variants, with many now also incorporating a waterproof feature. Designer and luxury sex toy brands most commonly sought after are LELO, Jimmyjane, We-Vibe for couples sex toys, Leaf, Swan Vibes and Je Joue. Shop for yours today, at the lowest prices offered right here at Simply Pleasure.