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  1. How to Use a Dildo

    How to Use a Dildo

    So your new dildo has arrived, all brand new and pristine in its glamorous packaging, within the ultra discreet and professional packaging swiftly delivered from Simply Pleasure. Now what? There are some steps we recommend you take to get the most pleasure out of your dildos.

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  2. Guide to Buying a Sex Toy

    Guide to Buying a Sex Toy
    Buying a sex toy So you want to buy a sex toy. Where do you start? Which one is right for you? What's so special about sex toys, anyway? Sex toys can add a whole lot of fun to your sex life, whether it's already pretty satisfying or has become a little bit stale. While many people do orgasm through manual masturbation or through sex, there are also plenty of people who find it difficult. Sex toys offer incredible stimulation that really helps you to achieve the orgasm you deserve (and yes, everyone deserves an unforgettable orgasm!). So, how do you know just which sex toy is right for you? How do you pick a first sex toy, and how do you broach the subject with a partner? We'll talk you through our own sex toy selection to help you pick what's just right for you. We know our from top to bottom and we'll help you find the perfect pleasure product to make your next sesh extraordinary.
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  3. Help for Travelling with Sex Toys

    Help for Travelling with Sex Toys
    Travelling with sex toys It’s the problem that all too often arises when planning trips away – do you take your sex toys or not? When you’re packing for a holiday abroad whether alone or with your mates, or particularly for naughty weekend breaks away, it’s understandable that you’d want your sexually stimulating companions along to help with the fun. So what’s the deal with taking sex toys away? Are there any top tips for taking your sex toys on holiday with you?
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  4. A Guide to Sex & Sex Toy Lubricants

    A Guide to Sex & Sex Toy Lubricants

    What is lubricant? In terms of sexuality, lubricant is an often essential accompaniment to your sex life which makes sure you're comfortable at all times, enjoying a frictionless glide throughout masturbation, foreplay and sex. Lubricants ensure that you're well hydrated where it counts, and can really intensify sensation, helping you to get the most out of sex. Lubricants are also great for women that don't produce a comfortable level of moisture themselves, and is a simple and easy way to enhance pleasure. Most often contained within an easy to dispense bottle, sex lubricants are liquids which are safe to use on the skin and during intimate proceedings either alone or with your partner.

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  5. Top Tips for Best Sex Toys Use

    Top Tips for Best Sex Toys Use

    We have put together some top tips for you, to help you and your partner get the most pleasure from your sex toys. Get the most out of your sex toys, make them last for as long as possible and enjoy heightened pleasure with this sound advice from Simply Pleasure.

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  6. A Guide to Sex Toy Materials

    A Guide to Sex Toy Materials
    Sex toys come in a variety of different materials. The one you favour comes down to what you want from your sex toy, whether that is lowest prices, waterproof capabilities, temperature play, real feel benefits or other features. It can be very confusing seeing the amount of different materials that sex toys are made from and knowing just what the facets and advantages to each one are. We hope this Simply Pleasure Sex Toy Materials Guide gives you a few handy pointers.
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  7. Buyer’s Guide to Dildos

    Buyer’s Guide to Dildos

    A dildo is a non-vibrating sex toy, used for the pleasurable penetration of an orifice, whether the vagina or anal area. Dildos can be realistic, which means they like a real penis in shape, colour and form, or they can be non-phallic, that is a form which does not resemble a real penis but still gives penetration pleasure to the user.

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  8. Welcome to the Simply Pleasure Blog

    welcome to the new simply pleasure blog Welcome to our brand new blog, right here at our brand new Simply Pleasure sex toys website! We're pleased to have you aboard. Here at the Simply Pleasure sex toys blog you will be able to find out a whole host of sex, sex toy and relationship information and advice
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  9. About Simply Pleasure

    About Simply Pleasure
    Simply Pleasure is the retail chain owned by the parent and sex toys distribution company, ABS Holdings. ABS Holdings is the largest sex toys distributor in the UK.
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