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  1. b-Vibe Leads the Way When it Comes to High-end Anal Toys

    b-Vibe Leads the Way When it Comes to High-end Anal Toys

    If you’ve ever read the Simply Pleasure blog, you’ll know just how much we love fresh new anal play toys. Since it arrived on the scene, we’ve been big fans of b-Vibe’s luxury anal play toys. The innovative designs, eye-catching colours and ultra stimulating shapes have got us hooked. Here’s why you should make your next butt plug a b-Vibe.

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  2. The best sex toys for couples

    The best sex toys for couples

    We love nothing more than a steamy solo session, but sometimes – a close couples encounter is the only thing that really gets us going. Couples sex toys really help you make the most of your twosome, and what’s better than adding extra power and play to your partnership? These are our favourite toys for couples – from the classic to the kinky, we’ve got you covered.

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  3. Guide to Buying a Sex Toy

    Guide to Buying a Sex Toy
    Buying a sex toy So you want to buy a sex toy. Where do you start? Which one is right for you? What's so special about sex toys, anyway? Sex toys can add a whole lot of fun to your sex life, whether it's already pretty satisfying or has become a little bit stale. While many people do orgasm through manual masturbation or through sex, there are also plenty of people who find it difficult. Sex toys offer incredible stimulation that really helps you to achieve the orgasm you deserve (and yes, everyone deserves an unforgettable orgasm!). So, how do you know just which sex toy is right for you? How do you pick a first sex toy, and how do you broach the subject with a partner? We'll talk you through our own sex toy selection to help you pick what's just right for you. We know our from top to bottom and we'll help you find the perfect pleasure product to make your next sesh extraordinary.
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