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  1. Cock Rings For Couples: A Beginners Guide

    Cock Rings For Couples: A Beginners Guide

    Cock Rings For Couples

    The Benefits of Cock Rings for Couples!

    Cock rings are a small but mighty sex toy that can be used in many ways and be pleasurable for both the man and women! So, if you think cock rings are purely for men, you have been fooled there! I’m going to share some of our best-selling couples’ rings.

    Traditionally, a cock ring’s main function is to make erections bigger and h

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  2. Interview with Jo Weldon

    Interview with Jo Weldon

    Interview with Jo Weldon

    Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon – Burlesque Dancer, former Sex Work Activist, Author, Counter-Culture Icon and Star, this legend in her own time has danced across the world celebrating her own unique brand of renegade stripper freedom and inspired legions of artists and activists the world over. We catch up with her to talk successes, the ever-inspiring cult of rocky-horror, cult

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  3. Icon of The Issue - Dolly Parton

    Icon of The Issue - Dolly Parton

    Icon Dolly Parton

    Tuesday – Hull 
    Dolly Parton's iconic image is often the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the Southern singer, songwriter and businesswoman. Dolly's buxom and borderline caricature look helped solidify her sex symbol status, yet it has remained a constant source of scrutiny in both her public and private life. 
    Dolly recalls at the age 21, being mistaken for a sex worker in New York on her very first visit to the city with a f

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  4. Sex Outdoors

    Sex Outdoors

    Sex Outdoors

    To some, sex outdoors is very appealing, and that could be down to the thrill of being caught or the rush of doing something different and exciting! Some like it because they get a buzz from being watched by others. Or perhaps they prefer the anonymity of sex where there’s little risk of being identified and they don’t need to talk. Whatever the reason may be, I personally think it’s great to explore your sexuality with yourself and partner but being safe is important. You don’t want to end up in h

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  5. Brief History of Sex Toys

    Brief History of Sex Toys

    Brief History of Sex Toys

    If you are someone that uses sex toys for self-pleasure or to intensify lovemaking with a partner, you probably know what it does for your self-confidence. You feel it each time you use a Satisfyer product or any other toy: you make your lust a priority and that is a damn good feeling! Having the confidence to use sex toys without shame is pretty sexy; knowing everything about them is

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  6. Erotic Novel Summer Night

    Erotic novel summer night

    Erotic Novel

    My husband and I had been on a summer break, it had been a romantic break away from the family, no children or work for a few days. The full moon was shining bright as the sun was going down and just a few hours before my husband Jack had packed a picnic and a bottle of champagne. We strolled arm in arm down to the beach to watch the sunset, there were very few others around just a few couples out to enjoy the last of the warmth of the day. We made our way over the bigger rocks at the end of the

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  7. Blended Orgasms

    Blended Orgasm

    Blended Orgasms

    Original content was created by & can be found at Le Wand (

    There are many kinds of orgasms a vulva owner can have: vaginal, G-spot, anal, A-spot, clitoral, cervical, nipple, etc. But the next-level orgasm that we all want to be signing up for is the

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  8. Sex Clinic

    Sex Clinic

    How can I keep my sex life alive in a long-distance relationship?

    First of all, good on you for making your long-distance relationship work, I know that they can be extremely difficult. Not just emotionally, but sexually as well. Of course, you want to keep your sex life alive! It is only natural that those sexual desires will still be there even though your partner is not. Why don’t you start off simple? Try out a sexy game when you video call each other. Get some

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  9. Tuesday q&a

    Tuesday q&a

    Tuesday q&a

    Tell us about the first sex store you visited?

    The first sex shop I visited was in Amsterdam and it was a real eye opener. The Dutch certainly aren’t shy when it comes to sex and the staff were really engaging and educational.

    Best gift you’ve ever received and why?

    For my 30th birthday, my girlfriend took me to Malta, and she surprised me by flying my best friend out there from the States. It’s the only time in my life I’ve been rendered complet

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