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  1. Frankinsella Erotic Photographer Interview and Showcase

    Erotic Photography

    Frankinsella Erotic Photography

    Fetish photographer Francis Kinsella chats to us about the intricacies of their craft…


    What made you want to work in the world of fetish?

    My journey into photography came via my involvement in the Goth scene, in two parts. I always used to be the person in my social group who had a compact camera with them all the time and took photos of our social circle at gigs and festivals. Once at Whitby Goth Weekend I put my camera down on a table and someone s

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  2. 10 Reasons Why Women should Feel Comfortable Using Personal Lubricant

    10 Reasons Why Women should Feel Comfortable Using Personal Lubricant

    Do you find that things start to heat up, but your body doesn’t quite keep up? Whether it happens when you’re having sex with your partner or when you’re playing by yourself with your favourite toy, vaginal dryness simply isn’t fun. When you are having sex or masturbating, it can make things start to feel uncomfortable and even painful. In fact, there are plenty of women who are familiar with those feelings of frustration and disappointment if this dryness is something they experience frequently.

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  3. Pondering Prostate Toys

    Pondering Prostate Toys

    A few months after I’d started working at Simply Pleasure, a customer came in to ask for advice on what toy to buy. He was a tall, burly gay man, looking for a Prostate Toy. On the surface, that sounds like a standard query for me to get, but this situation was special. He divulged to me that he’d struggled a lot in the gay community, being suc

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  4. Erotic Sweets are here to nosh on

    Sweet Treats to nosh on

    Hands up if you like Chocolate – and hands up if you like Sex? That’s a lot of people with two hands in the air! Put a little sugar on it baby!

    We have just taken delivery of the most Erotic of Easter Presents from Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mint Nipples, Candy und

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  5. A Beginners Guide to Wand Massagers

    What's so magic about Wand massagers?

    It looks like a giant microphone, and it’ll certainly make you sing. Yes, that’s right, we’re going to be delving deep into the world of the bedroom staple that is the wand vibrator! Strap yourself in, because it’s going to be a wild ride...

    Wand vibrators have been curling toes for over 50 glorious years. The Hitachi Magic Wand’s debut on Sex and the City sent thousands of women all over the world running to buy one, and it’s not hard to see why. They are designed to produce powerful, r

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  6. Pup Fetish Tails - without the Butt Plug

    Pup Fetish Tail by Oxballs

    Most pup-tails are basically a Buttplug with a Tail which is perfect for being a dog at home or with a private group but what if you want to WAG at a bar, parade, event or a puppy-pit?

    We tried out the new Oxballs Tail Handler belt-on show tail which slides onto your belt so you can wag it anywhere you want - anywhere

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  7. The Vagina Museum

    Vagina Museum

    How thorough were your sex-education lessons in school? The only bits I remember about mine were the tactile bits - rolling the condom down the banana and dipping the tampon in the glass of water to watch it expand. A learned more about my anatomy through self-exploration, internet research (and porn) and, later, having sex with other women.

    There happens to be a penis museum in Iceland, but what about the vagina? Well, Florence Schecter set out rectify this problem (and obvious gap

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  8. What is New Dick Fear?

    What is New Dick Fear

    What is "New Dick Fear"?

    It's the beginning of a new year, and many of us will have made New Year Resolutions. If, like many of us, one of your resolutions is along the lines of "find the love of my life" then there is something I need to tell you!

    The phrase New Dick Fear doesn’t simply mean you have a fear of ‘new dick’ - it’s a colloquialism for the fear of intimacy which can occur with any new sexual partner. It’s one thing to be a bit nervous before sleeping

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  9. We are Hiring an Accounts Assistant

    We are hiring an Accountant

    Simply Pleasure Limited is an award-winning retailer/wholesaler in the adult toy industry with 23 retail shops and 130 staff across the UK. 

    With over 40 years in the industry, we are constantly evolving with modern technology to maintain our competitive edge into the future. 

    We are currently looking to recruit a positive and friendly Accounts Assistant to join our small Finance team located at our head office / warehouse in Ringwood reporting to the Finance manager. 

    You will have the full support of our expertise and experience including appropriate training and guidance.

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