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New ultra modern Ovo has just arrived at Simply Pleasure!

We love it when new Ovo toys come to town! The latest batch of Ovo toys has just arrived at Simply Pleasure and we adore the super sleek silicone, the ultra modern designs and of course, the trademark pop of colour that aways brightens up your bedroom kit. Our team walks you through our favourite new Ovo offerings! (Spoiler: They’re all kind of irresistible).

When it comes to Kegel training, it’s wise to look out for a toy that’s effective, easy to insert and of course easy to remove. We love the Ovo L3 for this - it has two unique shapely balls that are inserted one by one and a retrieval ring makes them easy to remove when you’re done. These balls are also waterproof, making them great for bath and shower play. They’re simple, effective and give your pelvic muscles an incredible workout. They’re also ultra discreet and make zero noise when worn - this means you can give your Kegel muscles a workout whenever you like. These balls don’t just do a great job when it comes to toning and tightening muscles, they also feel amazing, combing pleasure and a pelvic muscle workout.

Ovo L1 love balls are great for those of you that love to switch up intensity as you go - the stronger you get, the more weight you can add to these beauties. This Kegel trainer features interchangeable weights that allow you to mix up the intensity of your workout. They feel incredible when they’re worn and you’ll soon discover the impact of a pleasurable pelvic workout. Stronger Kegel muscles mean more intense orgasms - and also mean greater control when you need it most. These love balls have a retrieval ring and each ball is gradually inserted for an easy start. These love balls are modern, sophisticated and feminine and in sleek silicone they’re perfect for pleasure seekers with a taste for luxury. These balls are available in black, blue and pink, adding a bright pop of colour to your toy collection.

The Ovo E4 has a unique twisted design that reminds us why we love this innovative brand and it’s creative way of delivering pleasure, one literal style *twist* at a time! The E4 is designed for internal pleasure and the clever design ensures that it never misses the mark when it comes to G-spot pleasure. This vibe is modern, sleek and easy to use and we love that the controls are simple, effective and stylish - allowing you to switch up intensity whenever you need to. 7 Vibration programs and a whisper quiet design make this silicone vibrator an absolute favourite - it measures 19.5cm in length for satisfaction at every turn. As with all Ovo toys, the E4 has a stunning minimalist style that gives it an air of elegance. It’s ideal for solo pleasure and the USB rechargeable design allows you to power it up anytime, anywhere for fun on demand.

With it’s gently flattened tip, the Ovo E3 heads straight for the G-spot and the intelligent design ensures that it’s always on target for an incredible climax. This toy is made from sleek silicone and the gentle curve complements the natural shape of your body. The E3 has 7 functions and the rechargeable design makes it easy to power up. This toy comes in light blue as well as pink and the high quality silicone feels gorgeous against your skin. This toy is compatible with a water based lubricant and we love the exceptional easy controls that allow you to scroll through the various settings with ease. This toy stimulates the nerve-rich area on and around the G-spot, working you up to an unforgettable climax. It’s perfect for solo pleasure and makes a great complement to your modern, elegant toy collection.

The Ovo D5 is your top pick when it comes to precise pleasure. This toy has a tapered tip and a stimulating pointed design - it’s sleek, elegant, simple, sexy and modern - all the things we look for in a great vibrator. This mini vibrator is perfect for on-the-go fun and the rechargeable design ensures that you can power it up anytime, anywhere for maximum solo or partner fun. (We love this mini vibrator for foreplay, as it’s ideal for stimulating any sweet spots on his or her body!). The D5 is great for beginners and the easy design of the controls really reflects this. This toy is made from quality ABS and silicone and the USB rechargeable design allows you to charge it up wherever you are, making it a great little travel partner. D5 is available in black and fuchsia.

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