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New Sensuva just unwrapped at Simply Pleasure!

Brand new Sensuva products have just been unwrapped at Simply Pleasure and they’re all about making oral pleasure and hands-on fun more exciting!

New Handipop massage gel turns your partner into the ultimate dirty (by delicious!) dessert. This hand job gel is formulated from food grade ingredients and is safe for consumption - it comes in three yummy flavours -Strawberry, Apple and Cotton Candy. This hand job gel is perfect for getting up close and personal with your partner and makes the ultimate flavoured twist when it comes to your next hand job.

New Sensuva Deeply Love You Throat Relaxing Spray is bliss when it comes to blowjobs. This throat spray desensitises your throat with its subtle formulation. Simply apply one or two sprays to the back of your throat and this spray will start to work in seconds. It comes in three incredibly tasty flavours - Butter Rum, Mint Chocolate and Cinnamon. This spray also relaxed the throat muscles, allowing you to take your partner deeper for more impressive oral pleasure.

New Sensuva ON for her comes in a new easy to apply gel and we love that this gel is easily applied and easy cleaned once you’re done. It also makes her feel more hydrated for enhanced stimulation. ON gel begins to tingle on application and results in an irresistible buzz that turns her on instantly. This gel is easily applied directly to the clitoris and is a fuss-free, mess-free way to increase sensation and enhanced partner and solo pleasure. It contains botanical essential oils and is a sure fire way to amp up her orgasm!

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