Fun and Frolics

  1. Shall we go to a Sex Club?

    Shall we go to Le Boudoir Sex Club?
    Everyone loves sex, right? And today, in the most liberalised society we have ever known, fuelled by a daily diet of sexy imagery stimulating your senses from television to your mobile phone, billboard advertising to pop video culture… going to a sex party and ‘exploring’ seems, well, perfectly acceptable. In fact, more than acceptable, it seems like the new normal.
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  2. Madame Caramel - mature professional BDSM Mistress

    Madame Caramel BDSM Mistress

    Whether you’re brand new to the BDSM scene or have been an avid participant for years, there’s no-one who can’t learn a thing or two from the exquisite Madame Caramel...

    Madame Caramel is a mature, professional mistress based between London & Dubai. She lives and breathes as a Femdom and has lived the lifestyle for the last 16 years - “I’m ultra-feminine, a true lady with class and a lifetime full of rich experience. I have great knowledge of BDSM practices and I pride myself on the co

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  3. Our Black Friday Deals are here!

    Our Black Friday Deals are here!

    Whether you're looking for a great deal on sexy stocking fillers for the festive season, or just want to treat yourself to something a little bit special this season, it's the perfect time to indulge in budget-friendly deals at Simply Pleasure. Our Black Friday deals are here - and we've included some of our favourite toys and brands in our sale - including 20% off our ENTIRE site! 

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  4. 3 for 2: Mix & Match your way to Festive Fun!

    3 for 2: Mix & Match your way to Festive Fun!

    Christmas just got kinky with our incredible 3 for 2 offers that make the festive fun affordable. This Christmas, explore more with our fun selection of sexy stocking fillers. They're also perfect as treats for yourself when you're in the mood to take a step back from all the shared holiday activities. Our 3 for 2 deals include essentials, strokers, vibrators and more - browse our selection and find all your festive favourites.

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  5. Why Every Woman Needs a Lay-on Vibrator

    Why Every Woman Needs a Lay-on Vibrator

    Any woman who needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm should own a lay-on vibrator. This type of vibrator targets your clitoris with precision, but thanks to the shape and design the vibrations are spread across a larger surface area, ensuring that the vibrations and sensations are not too overpowering. This is an incredible addition to your play, as it does wonders for your warm-up and gives you that extra push when you're close to climax. The brand new

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  6. When it comes to pleasure, we like ours in XXL

    When it comes to pleasure, we like ours in XXL

    Our Mr. Cock range is big and bold, and is specially designed for those of you who love supersized dildos with a lifelike design, We're excited to introduce the Black Mamba, the Double Cock, The Hammer and The Giant - our larger than life dildo range that impresses with it's perfect size. These dildos are designed to look like the real thing, with a few size tweaks for extra stimulation.

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  7. We've unwrapped brand new Baci lingerie!

    We've unwrapped brand new Baci lingerie!

    [Our brand new Baci lingerie range is packed with stunning after dark looks you'll love. From lace and sheer fabrics to sexy cuts that highlight your shape and show off your figure, each piece brings something a little bit special to your lingerie wardrobe. These are some of our favourite pieces from the new range - find your favourite when you browse our brand new arrivals.

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  8. b-Vibe Leads the Way When it Comes to High-end Anal Toys

    b-Vibe Leads the Way When it Comes to High-end Anal Toys

    If you’ve ever read the Simply Pleasure blog, you’ll know just how much we love fresh new anal play toys. Since it arrived on the scene, we’ve been big fans of b-Vibe’s luxury anal play toys. The innovative designs, eye-catching colours and ultra stimulating shapes have got us hooked. Here’s why you should make your next butt plug a b-Vibe.

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  9. Our Summer Sale is now on! Browse our highlights

    Our Summer Sale is now on! Browse our highlights

    The Simply Pleasure Sale is now on, and we've selected some of your favourite brands and products for exclusive online deals. You can now save up to 70% while stocks last - and with some clever shopping, you can refresh your toy box on a budget, adding naughty new toys for solo play or shared fun! Read on for our sale highlights you can't miss. 

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