If you’ve ever read the Simply Pleasure blog, you’ll know just how much we love fresh new anal play toys. Since it arrived on the scene, we’ve been big fans of b-Vibe’s luxury anal play toys. The innovative designs, eye-catching colours and ultra stimulating shapes have got us hooked. Here’s why you should make your next butt plug a b-Vibe.   b-Vibe makes anal play accessible to everyone, whether you’re a curious newbie, a butt play beginner or an anal expert. The range is so diverse, that it won’t intimidate those of you who are completely new to anal play, and will also satisfy those who love powerful anal stimulation. These are some of our favourite b-Vibe toys, from small to large, subtle to ultra-stimulating they all add an extra touch of luxury to your toybox.

The Snug Plug

b-Vibe know just how to design toys that make the most of your own body shape, using materials that feel comfortable and incredible at the same time. The

The Vibrating Snug Plug

Fans of the Snug Plug will love the new vibrating Snug Plug for extra stimulation. The

Anal Beads

Anal beads edge you on to orgasm, one sensational sphere at a time. Our

Rimming Butt Plug

If you love the sensation of rimming, you'll love our b-Vibe rimming butt plugs. This plug is packed with play potential - and delivers incredible anal stimulation, one intense vibration at a time. This butt plug features rotating beads on the inside for extra sensation and is made from colourful silicone for a pop of personality. The
rimming plug by b-Vibe has 9 speed settings and we love the way that the beads move in right circles to mimic the real thing. This butt plug is hypoallergenic and free from phthalates just like the rest of the b-Vibe range. It also comes in a petite version that's perfect for beginner players or simply for travel when you want on-the-go stimulation.

Anal Education Training Set

Last but definitely not least, our