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  • Great sex gets better with age - Violet Fenn talks sex & getting older.

    If you landed on earth from outer space and decided to learn about humans from reading magazines and newspapers, your giant alien brain would almost certainly make the assumption that only young, fit people have sex.
  • FREE Aqua Slix Lube when you buy any Ovo toy at!

    If you’re a fan of the Ovo range, you’ll love this fantastic Freebie! When you buy any toy in the Ovo range, you’ll get a FREE bottle of Aqua Slix, our toy-friendly Kinx water based lubricant.
  • New Minx Essentials have arrived at Simply Pleasure!

    Don’t you love it when new Minx essentials make it onto just in time for the long weekend? Minx Embrace Vaginal Tightening Gel and Minx Thrill Me Orgasm Gel are all about enhancing pleasure for both partners - here’s why we love them!
  • Our favourite rabbits for Easter!

    Easter is almost upon us and it’s got us thinking of our favourite rabbits that put a little hop in our step at this time of year. (It’s certainly a great way to spend those extra hours of your long weekend!) We’ve gathered up our favourite rabbit vibes - from Bodywand and We-Vibe to Ovo, JimmyJane and more!
  • How to introduce fantasy into your sex life by Guest blogger Violet Fenn

    I reckon it’s a rare person who doesn’t have at least one favourite sexual fantasy. Whether it’s being tickled with feathers by Brad Pitt or dressing up in leather and getting down to it over the bonnet of your boss’s car, most of us have a go-to mental scene that’s guaranteed to get us off. But what if you want to make some of those fantasies a reality?
  • New ultra modern Ovo has just arrived at Simply Pleasure!

    We love it when new Ovo toys come to town! The latest batch of Ovo toys has just arrived at Simply Pleasure and we adore the super sleek silicone, the ultra modern designs and of course, the trademark pop of colour that aways brightens up your bedroom kit. Our team walks you through our favourite new Ovo offerings! (Spoiler: They’re all kind of irresistible).

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